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In the United States, we do not consume enough varieties of food that enable us to absorb all the vitamins and minerals that our body needs.Therefore, Dr. Yip advocates that all adults should take a daily multiple vitamin preparation along with calcium and Vitamin D supplementation.

Vitamin D Deficiency
Vitamin D deficiency is now becoming a major public health problem worldwide. Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with increased risk of development of many chronic illnesses in humans, including osteoporosis, and various types of cancer, as well as prostate and colon cancer.

Our major source of Vitamin D is sunlight. However, because of the concern of excessive exposure to sunlight and the subsequent development of skin cancers and wrinkles, most of us do not get enough vitamin D from sun exposure. Very few food sources contain Vitamin D enough for our daily requirement. Therefore, we have to rely on obtaining our daily requirement of Vitamin D from supplement.

Dr. Yip recommends a daily intake of Vitamin D3 of 1,000 I.U. (International Unit) for all adults.


Calcium Intake
All adult men and pre-menopausal women require a daily intake of 1000mg of calcium while post-menopausal women require 1,500 mg of calcium. In general, our diet will provide approximately 400 mg of calcium per day. Therefore in order to meet daily requirements a calcium supplementation should be taken according to your category.

Dr. Yip’s Philosophy about Vitamin Supplementation
There is an array of vitamins on the market right now.
Dr. Yip’s recommendation for vitamin supplements is based on two factors:
a) Excellent Absorption and
b) Reasonable Pricing







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